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Multiple Players Call Out Zaza Pachulia After What Appears To Be Dirty Play On Westbrook


"Obviously it was intentional. Nobody touched him, he fell over my leg. He tried to hurt me. But hey, that's how it goes."

Russell Westbrook wasn't exactly a happy camper when asked about a particular move made by Zaza Pachulia.

During the play, which began with a scramble for a rebound, Westbrook got tangled up with Nick Young, and fell to the ground. A second or so later, Pachulia also went crashing down to the floor and appeared to possibly pause and target Westbrook's legs in the process.

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It's no secret that Pachulia has been suspected of other seriously dirty moves in the past, one of which being Kawhi Leonard, who is still not fully recovered from that night. Still, would anybody be this willing to take out superstars in a fashion such as this?

For the Warriors, it's definitely not the look they want. And for Zaza, he should be more worried about his play on the court than trying to worry about the durability of others. When asked if Pachulia is a dirty player, Westbrook responded with, "Yeah, for sure." Worse still, The Brodie isn't even the only one who called him out. Check out this Instagram comment by Kyrie Irving:

Both Westbrook and Irving seem to agree that things got way too out of hand here. According to them, the league should take a serious look at it. And, to be honest, who can disagree with either of them him at this point?