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Minnesota Timberwolves Offered A Huge Trade Package For Kyrie Irving

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Fadeaway World

Kyrie Irving wants out of Cleveland as reported by Brian Windhorst of ESPN and has named San Antonio, Minnesota, Miami and New York as his preferred locations. According to our sources, Minnesota is very interested in pursuing Irving, and it’s very easy to see why.

Uncle Drew averaged 25.2 points a game last year on 47.3% from the field and 40.1% from the three point line. Last year the Wolves had Ricky Rubio running their offense and although he is an amazing passer he shot a measly 40.2% from the field and only 30.6% from three.

Teams simply didn’t guard Rubio at all since he wasn’t a threat and so they could focus their defensive efforts on Karl Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins. Now that Minnesota has acquired Jimmy Butler as well, they could simply trade Wiggins and Dieng for Irving and that would be a great trade for both side.

According to the ESPN:

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League sources told ESPN that both Butler and Karl-Anthony Towns have been doing their part to recruit Irving on the idea of playing alongside them in Minnesota, and they’ve made it known to Wolves management that they want to add the Cavs star to the mix. Butler and Irving became tight in their time playing for USA Basketball together. Towns’ father, Karl Towns Sr., and Irving’s father, Drederick Irving, are connected through the basketball scene in northern New Jersey, where they both reside.

Wiggins and Butler are both natural small forwards who aren’t the greatest outside shooters, but Jimmy is a better player than Andrew Wiggins and Minnesota Timberwolves prefer him right now.

Towns will be the best big man in the NBA very soon and Butler is a top 5 two-way player in the league. Adding one of the best offensive weapons in the NBA will certainly mean that at least for the next few years that Minnesota will be perennial title contenders.


Per NBA rules, Jeff Teague cannot be traded until the 15th of December and Shabazz Muhammad is a free agent. This is my mistake, hence why I am writing to you now. Apologies for the inaccuracy of my article and I promise to learn from this and to make sure that all the information we provide is 100% accurate.