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Milwaukee Bucks Mascot Roasts The Entire Ball Family During Game With Lakers


When you think of a team such as the Milwaukee Bucks, chances are the adjective 'savage' isn't a word that immediately pops into mind. Well, it should after Milwaukee Bucks mascot Bango's latest stunt during the Bucks' game against the Los Angeles Lakers.

Prior to tip-off between the two teams, Bango came out onto the court holding a sign directed at Lonzo Ball and his family.


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Now, Bango does substitute his own name in there -- LiAngo Ball -- in place of LiAngelo Ball's name, but you get the drift.

Most of you will have heard of UCLA's newest recruit LiAngelo Ball's -- the middle brother out of the three Ball brothers -- antics over in China, where he reportedly stole from three different stores while under surveillance and was at risk of serving 3-10 years behind bars over there. Thankfully for LiAngelo, he is only tasked with serving 2 weeks house arrest in a hotel before being allowed to return home to the US.

Bango's sign didn't do much to put Lonzo Ball of his game, as the point guard became the youngest player in NBA history to drop a triple-double, beating out LeBron James by 4 days to claim the title. In the end though, it was the Bucks who came out on top, 98-90.