Mid-Air Scare: What The Heck Happened To OKC's Plane?

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We often forget how much NBA teams have to travel. During the grueling 82 game season, teams have to fly to and from about 41 away games each year. That's a lot of travel.

But for the Oklahoma City Thunder, their flight to Chicago on Friday came with a very unusual (and dangerous) occurrence.

During the night-time flight, a "bird" supposedly hit the plane, causing a ridiculous amount of damage.

Luckily, no injuries were reported. But how in the world did a bird make such a big dent? Here's what Carmelo Anthony had to say about the mess:

No further information has been released at this time, and it's unlikely that any more will. Regardless, it's a pretty crazy and unique situation for everyone, and it didn't end as badly as it could have.