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Michael Jordan vs Kobe Bryant Full Highlights 1998

Michael Jordan vs Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan are two of the greatest shooting guards in NBA history. Although they played 8 games against one another, they were part of different eras, with Jordan’s career spanning 1984 – 2003 (with several periods of retirement between 1993 and 2003) and Bryant’s career beginning in 1996.

In my opinion, Kobe and Michael are two best players in the NBA History. After them, I will choose Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and Wilt Chamberlain.

You can check here their duel almost 18 years ago. Just imagine how they could play 1-on-1 and how many people could watch that basketball event.

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If we have a comparison, maybe more fans will decide to watch Jordan vs. Kobe instead of NBA Finals - Golden State Warriors vs. Cleveland Cavaliers.


Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan played each other 8 times, four when Jordan was with the Chicago Bulls and 4 when he was with the Washington Wizards. The Lakers won 5 of those games. Across these games, Bryant scored an average of 22.8 points, while Jordan scored 24.5 points.