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Michael Jordan Gives His Hot Take On The Jordan-LeBron Debate


Rearding the best play on the planet, that debate has beenlocked up for years. Michael Jordan, being a 6x NBA Champion, 5x MVP, and 11x All-Star, usually gets the nod without hesitation.

Then LeBron James came on the scene, and the G.O.A.T. status slowly started becoming a bigger debate. Now, with LeBron being 32-years-old, he's already changed a lot of minds. One of which is a former teammate of Jordan himself; Scottie Pippen.

Concerning the famous discussion, Pippen made quite the hot take on an appearance on ESPN's First Take:

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 “The numbers don’t lie. He’s right there,” Pippen said. “He probably will never catch him in terms of MVP, but in terms of statistics, LeBron is right there. And when you look across the board—not just scoring—check his assists, check his rebounds … he’s probably ahead of Jordan.”

To be fair, the basketball legend did not completely sell out his former teammate. He spoke about MJ's supreme talents many times, while also saying he'd still pick Jordan over LeBron when starting a team. Take that for whatever it's worth, but it sounds like Pippen is about ready to join the LeBron = G.O.AT. train -- even if he may not want to admit it.

About the debate itself, it is actually kind of close. LeBron is still behind Jordan in points and Championships, but he's done things that Jordan has not, and still has plenty of time to catch up in other areas. No doubt, the comparison is real, and the threat for Michael's "Greatest of All-Time" status is in jeopardy.