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Michael Jordan (Age 38) Gets Angry And Drops 51 Pts vs. Hornets!

MJ. His Airness. Black Cat. Air Jordan.

We know him by many nicknames and we all know his perfect score in NBA Finals and his Flu Game, his dunk from the free throw line, his fadeaway and many, many more significant moments in NBA History that he had done.

When you mention Michael Jordan, first team that comes to your mind is Chicago Bulls. But he played 142 games for the Washington Wizards. Many doubted in his abilities because he was 37 years old when he signed for the Wizards. Many people thought that he came to earn more money and to retire again. But he proved them wrong averaging 21.2 points, 5.9 rebounds, and 4.4 assists.

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"I'm pretty sure you guys were saying how old I was," Jordan said. "And I wanted certainly to make a statement offensively."

He was old, but his greatness is immortal. His name will be remembered forever and he will always be an icon of the NBA.

Form is temporary, class is permanent!