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Markelle Fultz Is Getting Closer To Returning, But His Shot Is Nowhere Near Ready


Could Markelle Fultz be turning into another one of the Philadelphia 76ers draft picks that they stash away for the first year of their career because of injury?

It doesn't look like Fultz's situation is looking as dire as teammates Joel Embiid's and Ben Simmons' did when they entered the league, but it's far from good either.

Markelle -- who was the number one pick in the 2017 NBA draft, and a player the 76ers traded up from the third spot to pick first -- has been struggling with an apparent shoulder injury ever since entering the league, only managing to play in four games at the start of the season before being yanked from the lineup to rehab his injured shoulder.

Fultz's shooting form and percentages were a big talking point when he entered the NBA, as his shoulder severely affected his ability to shoot the ball, both from distance and the free throw line. Fultz shot a woeful 50% from the stripe and 33% from the field over the four games he appeared in for the Sixers before being pulled, and one of the main targets of his rehab is to try and fix his wonky shot, which has already gone through various transformations since he was drafted.

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Well, video has recently been released showing Markelle getting back up to playing speed and putting some shots up at the Sixers playing facility, and the footage is hard to watch.


Considering I'm not a world-class shooter myself, I don't really have a license to comment on that shot form, but man, does it look labored.

What makes it worse is the fact he's not hitting shots with his new shot form, even airballing a shot from the corner later on in the session.

I guess there is some silver lining in the footage, showing Fultz is at least capable of playing full speed 1-on-1, which means there is some progress being made during his recovery.

All Philly need to do now is get that shot fixed -- which is easier said than done -- and Markelle will be back on the hardwood in no time.