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Marcus Smart Will Be Missing An Insane Amount Of Time For This Stupid Injury


Marcus Smart, you never fail to amaze us with your antics.

The defensive-minded guard has been integral to the Boston Celtics stellar season this year, playing a major role behind Kyrie Irving, and helping the C's to a 35-14 record, good for first in the Eastern Conference.

Despite his excellent play at times though, Smart is one of the most inconsistent players in the league, and will regularly show up to games where he proceeds to shoot 30% from the field and commit silly turnovers over and over again.

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Smart has lived up to his unpredictable persona as of late and will be missing time with an injury due to cutting his hand on broken glass in his hotel room.

In fact, he'll be missing up to two weeks with the unusual injury.

Why in the world was Smart trying to swing at a picture frame of all things? Maybe someone in the picture looked at him funny, who knows. The more likely explanation is that perhaps Smart was angry at himself after missing the game-winning three attempt against the Lakers that night -- a game which they proceeded to lose 107-108 -- and decided to take his anger out on the hotel room he was staying in. Or maybe he's just lying about the whole situation because he was doing something he shouldn't have been doing. Hmm. Whatever the case, Marcus Smart was extremely apologetic about the embarrassing incident.

We hope, despite his anger, this injury doesn't affect the Celtics on and off the court and lingers around for Smart long enough to majorly affect his game.

It'd be pretty embarrassing if it did.