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Malik Monk Thinks NBA Life Is "Boring"


If you ask any random person off the street how they'd describe NBA life, boring would likely never come out of their mouths.

How could playing basketball for a living be boring?

But for Charlotte Hornets rookie Malik Monk, "boring" was the exact word he used to describe his new life in an interview with CBS Sports.

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"It's boring. Boring is good, though. You fly here, you get to the hotel, don't do nothing until game time. I'm in my hotel room watching highlights, watching movies, stuff like that. It's just boring. But in the summertime it's fun because you get to do other stuff and you got a little bit of money, you can vacation, go to places. In season is boring, but that's good, so you won't be out getting in trouble, club life, stuff like that."

At 19 years old, one could assume that Monk would make the most of his new career by partying with all his newfound popularity and wealth. Judging by those latest comments, however, Malik isn't about that life at all. For the Hornets, that's got to be welcome news.

For everyone else, it's probably just weird. I mean, boring? Really?

Who knows, maybe Malik Monk gave us a real perspective on a career in pro-basketball. Or maybe he just hasn't had enough time to have fun yet. We'll find out which one is is soon enough.