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Luke Walton Hilariously Explains Why He Benched Lonzo Ball Against Atlanta


Like many predicted before the season, LaVar Ball has caused controversy for his son Lonzo again, this time by speaking his mind on Lonzo's coach Luke Walton.

While speaking to ESPN's Jeff Goodman, LaVar told Goodman that he thinks Luke has lost control of the locker room, and players are no longer playing under the coach, and are playing for themselves.

LaVar's statement seemed to strike a nerve within the NBA community, as various personalities were disgusted with LaVar's comments, most notably Dallas Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle, who went in on ESPN regarding their journalistic integrity for publishing such a piece and taking the words of a player's father as a legitimate newsworthy quote.

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Obviously, the media was chomping at the bit to get Luke Walton's take on the controversy, and after the win over the Atlanta Hawks last night, Walton decided to have a little bit of fun with reporters.

“Um yeah, his dad was talking s— so I took him out early.”

Obviously Walton was joking about the whole situation, but you can't help but feel there was an increment of truth in his joke.

Despite his light-hearted nature, it'll be interesting to see how the relationship between Walton, Lonzo and LaVar pans out as the Lakers' season progresses.