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Luke Walton Confirms: Lonzo Ball Is Dominating Lakers Practices


The Los Angeles Lakers have been less than impressive the last couple of years.

With a combined record of 91-237 over the past four years, L.A. hasn't seen a winning record since long before Kobe Bryant's retirement.

The Purple and Gold need to find their leader again, so the franchise can return to the glory it displayed many years ago. But since "The Mamba" went down, the Lakers have been unable to find their next big star.

With Lonzo Ball, however, they might have finally found him. The phenomenal UCLA point guard has a game that few have ever seen, and his personality (and that of his family) just seems to belong in the city of Los Angeles. The youngster seems to be the perfect fit for the Lakers.

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Things seem promising now, yes. And he could prove to be just as good as he seems.

Still, we've yet to see him play any meaningful NBA minutes. How will he react to next level offensive and defensive schemes? Can he keep up with the talent-rich league?

There's no way we can know those answers right now, obviously. But for what it's worth, Laker head coach Luke Walton admitted that Lonzo is absolutely dominating on the practice floor, going 6-0 in scrimmages against his teammates.

Although dominating the practice floor doesn't necessariy mean instant stardom, it sure indicates just how special the kid can become.

After winning the 2017 Summer League MVP, people are expecting big things out of the young phenom. The pressure is mounting, and only Lonzo himself can deliver on the huge expectations that are looming over his head.