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Lou Williams Has Gone To Hilarious Lengths To Get Himself Added To The All-Star Game


Lou Williams of the Los Angeles Clippers is currently doing something we've almost never seen before in the NBA.

At 31 years of age, Williams is having easily the greatest season of his career for the Clips, averaging 23.6 points -- up from 14.9 a season ago --, 5.1 assists and shooting over 40% from deep.

Due to his size and flashy playstyle, Williams has been added to the Skills Challenge which will be held during All-Star weekend.

But Williams wants more than that, especially after the one-of-a-kind season he's currently having, and made sure to let the NBA know about it.

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After some high-scoring games before the All-Star ballot was released, Williams had a chance to attend his first All-Star game. Unfortunately though, Lou wasn't selected as a starter or a reserve from the Western Conference, some saying Williams was snubbed out of an All-Star bid.

There was a brief moment of hope, however, when DeMarcus Cousins went down with an Achilles injury which has ruled him out of the rest of the season, forcing Adam Silver to chose a replacement for the center.

The 6'1 shooting guard fell short again however, as a frontcourt player needed to be chosen to replace Cousins, and Paul George from Oklahoma City was billed as the replacement.

Even though Williams' chances of being an All-Star this year have been dashed, it doesn't mean he can't carry this sort of momentum into his 13th NBA season next year.