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Look: LaVar Ball Was Apparently Ripped While Attending College


You'd be hard-pressed to find an NBA fan in 2018 who hasn't heard of LaVar Ball, the father of Los Angeles Lakers rookie point guard Lonzo Ball, as well as LiAngelo Ball and LaMelo Ball, his other two sons who were lighting up high school basketball playing for Chino Hills.

LaVar Ball became a media sensation seemingly overnight last year, coming out of nowhere when Lonzo started attending UCLA and hyping up his sons to the moon and beyond. Ball soon made a habit -- and eventually a career -- out of his loud mouth and hot takes, calling out NBA legends such as Michael Jordan and Steph Curry, and forming his own basketball apparel brand, Big Baller Brand.

LaVar's fame has very quickly reached rockstar status over the course of the past year, even appearing on WWE RAW alongside his three sons, making headlines when he ripped his shirt off to challenge WWE Superstar The Miz to a fight.

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Many people on the internet made fun of Mr. Ball's lack of physique -- what do you expect, he's 50 years old -- but back in college, LaVar was apparently jacked beyond belief.

Ball In The Family, a reality show centered around the Ball family, posted a picture of LaVar back in his college days to their Facebook page, and it sent people into a frenzy.

LaVar was no slouch in college, playing college basketball as a forward for three different colleges, and then eventually transferred to college football, playing tight end for Long Beach City College. Truth be told, Ball was a better football player than a basketball player, as LaVar was actually signed by the New York Jets as a defensive end after he graduated.

Say what you want about the way he acts today, but you can't deny Ball was a talented individual, at least back in college.