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Lonzo Ball Joins NBA Legend As Only Rookie Lakers To Have Multiple Triple-Doubles After Nuggets Performance


It's no secret that number two overall pick Lonzo Ball's rookie campaign has been a rollercoaster ride through his first 17 games.

His opening game against the Clippers was considered a disappointment due to his immense hype and Summer League play, as Lonzo only recorded 3 points on 1-6 shooting from the field.

Since then, Lonzo's scoring has arguably gotten worse -- the only bright spots being his 29 points against Phoenix, and his 19-point triple-double against the Bucks, a statline which made him the youngest player ever to record a triple-double.

Other than his scoring though, Ball has been outstanding in almost every other facet of the game, holding averages of 7.1 rebounds, 7.1 assists and 1.5 steals a game, and he put those skills to good use in his most recent game against Denver.

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Lonzo finished the game with 11 points, 11 assists and 16 rebounds, as the Lakers defeated the Nuggets 127-109, their 7th win of the season.


With that performance, Ball netted himself his second career triple-double in only his 17th career game, an impressive feat considering some fans have been labeling him a bust since opening night.

With his second triple-double however, Lonzo also joined some pretty illustrious company in the form of Laker great Magic Johnson.

Let's not get it twisted here, no one is saying Lonzo is going to become the next Magic for the Lakers -- well, maybe apart from LaVar Ball -- but regardless of the comparisons, achieving something only Magic Johnson has done for the same franchise deserves some praise.

Lonzo will be looking to build some momentum on the season after this performance when Los Angeles face the 3-11 Chicago Bulls at home on Tuesday night.