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Lonzo Ball Gives A Daring Message To Basketball Fans


One word to describe the Lakers' season so far?


L.A. has had some high moments and some low moments, and they aren't particularly bad (yet) or good. They're just kind of... meh. Lonzo Ball's season could be described in much the same way.

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On opening night, he displayed a measly performance, barely making an impact on the game. The next night, however, he came out and put up 29 points and was just one assist away from averaging a triple-double.

And it just kind of keeps going like that. Bad performance followed by decent showing, followed by bad performance. While the Lakers probably won't be able to win consistently for a few more years, it didn't stop Lonzo from giving a strong message to the fans.

The message is eerily similair to something Steph Curry tweeted out back in 2009...

Of course, as we see today, the Warriors made good on Curry's promise, winning two Championships in 3 years. Can Lonzo helo the Lakers do the same? Can he lead Los Angeles t glory once again?

Only time will answer that question. But if anyone's got the attitude and will power to do so, it's the Ball-kid from UCLA. All eyes will be on him, just like they were on Curry all those years ago.