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Lithuanian Coach Has Big Plans For The Ball Brothers When They Arrive


Big Baller fever has stretched all the way to Eastern Europe it seems.

LaMelo and LiAngelo Ball -- brothers of Lakers point guard Lonzo Ball and sons of talking head LaVar Ball -- signed their first pro contracts with Lithuanian club Prienu Vytautas late last year, and are finally due to make their long-awaited debut with the team sometime next week, and according to head coach Virginijus Seskus, the Ball boys definitely won't be riding the pine, via ESPN's Jeff Goodman.

"They are young, but I can promise that they will play a lot and I hope we will help them to get better, and they will help us to win more games,"

We are waiting for them. Don't worry, they will play!"

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The Ball brothers are due to make their first appearances for their new team Tuesday next week, arriving sometime this week to get settled in and assimilating into their new culture for the next year or so.

It's a wonder that a high-school kid and college kid are already playing professionally over in Europe this early on in their careers, but not when their father is named LaVar Ball. LaVar pulled LaMelo out of high-school to homeschool him, and 'train' him for the next three years to prepare for the NBA draft. Ball also did the same with LiAngelo, pulling him out of UCLA after LiAngelo was imprisoned in China for a few days after being embroiled in a shoplifting scandal which drew the attention of the President of the United States.

The two brothers will now have the chance to prove what they're worth over in Lithuania, and they'll be given ample opportunity to do so.

"How much they will play depends the opponent, and what the strategy will be," Seskus said. "But both will play a lot of minutes so that means that they will play for sure on the court at the same time."