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List of Players, 21 Years Old or Younger, To Score at Least 47 Points in a Game (Andrew Wiggins included)



After a great performance by Andrew Wiggins, who scored 47 points against Los Angeles Lakers last night, check the list of players, 21 years or younger, to score at least 47 points in a game.


Check below the videos with LeBron James, Brandon Jennings and other players who have scored at least 47 points.

Andrew Wiggins against Los Angeles Lakers - 47 points

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LeBron James against Toronto Raptors - 56 points

Brandon Jennings against Golden State Warriors - 55 points

Allen Iverson against Cleveland Cavaliers - 50 points

Tracy McGrady against Washington Wizards - 49 points

Michael Jordan against Detroit Pistons -49 points "Freeze-Out Revenge"

Blake Griffin against Indiana Pacers - 47 points


Chris Paul will be the 2017 NBA MVP