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LeBron Vs Kobe: Lonzo Ball Answers The Age Old Question


When Lonzo Ball got selected 2nd overall by the Los Angeles Lakers, everyone knew that it was the perfect place for him. His lone college year was spent at U.C.L.A., and he grew up around the city. His father, LaVar, had been pushing for him to go there since Lonzo declared for the draft. Lonzo to the Lakers was an inevitable union.

As such a big Laker guy, you'd think that Lonzo would side with his team. But when asked who was better between LeBron and Kobe, he picked LeBron. That's right, the most famous current Laker picked King James over the Black Mamba.

That debate has been a hot topic for years, and the basketball community can't seem to agree on the answer. Kobe played 20 years in the NBA for the Lakers, where he won 5 Championships, won an MVP in 2008 and was selected to 18 NBA All-Star games.

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LeBron, on the other hand, has only 3 Championships and 13 All-star game selections. But he's already got 4 MVP'S. Although Kobe has more Championships, LeBron is often praised for having a better all-around game. Plus, LeBron still has plenty of time to add to his already stacked list of achievements.

Answering this big debate isn't easy for a lot of people. Lonzo doesn't seem to have any trouble with it, though. Here's the video where Lonzo picks his side: