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LeBron Storms Court To Correct Score At Son's AAU Game


We all know Cleveland Cavaliers' star LeBron James tries to be the best role model he can to his kids and child basketball fans the world over, and he does a pretty good job at it to say the least.He is a consumate professional and has never been in any trouble off the court his entire career.

But in a bizarre moment this past week, LeBron has had a LaVar Ball-like force overcome him during his son's AAU game, storming rushing on the court to make sure the scorekeepers were keeping up with the game themselves. Take a look for yourself.

A 6'8 250-pound frame storming towards you would be an intimidating site for anyone, and the officials checked everything over 3 times each after that encounter.

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We all know how competitive James is and how much he expects out of his teammates, and I'm sure that mindset carries over into his family life as well.