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LeBron Reveals The Truth About His Thoughts On Isaiah Thomas


It’s hard to be honest when you’re stuck with a bunch of pieces that don’t work. For LeBron James, that was his reality on the daily with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The team he helped put together over the summer ended up being a complete disaster. And before the deadline ended, LeBron ended up helping to tear it all back down. With some of those guys finally gone, LBJ no longer has to pretend that things were working out in the first place. He is free to speak freely on the situation.

Here’s what he said in regards to his now ex-teammate, Isaiah Thomas, according to Tom Reed:

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"I want Isaiah to get his bounce back, get his spring back get healthy... I just feel like he was playing behind the eight ball, not only on the floor, but just trying to get himself back... I wish the best from him in LA."

Behind the the eight ball? Whatever that means, it sounds like LeBron isn’t losing any sleep over losing I.T.

Sad thing is, who can really blame him? Thomas wasn’t exactly making things any better...