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LeBron responds, but LaVar Ball Fires Back Again

LeBron responds, but LaVar Ball Fires Back Again

Normally, NBA All-Star and 3-time champion LeBron James doesn’t waste his time commenting on college prospect’s dad’s a month away from playoff time. In this case though, not even LeBron could help himself.

It all started with a quote from LaVar Ball, Father of UCLA college star Lonzo Ball. After making comments about how his own kids are in a “much better position to succeed” than LeBron’s kids, it sparked a very intense response from James:

“Keep my kids’ names out of your mouth, keep my name out of your mouth. This is dad to dad. It’s a problem now.”

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One would think that would be the end of the whole situation, right? Not quite.

In an interview Wednesday on Sirius XM, Ball insisted he did nothing wrong.

“I don’t care what LeBron said,” he said. “He talking about he warned me. He warned me for what? What is a warning going to do? Nothing. Now, if he get a little touchy because I gave an opinion on what I felt about no superstars’ kids really being superstars and the fact that they have to live up to their parents or to their fathers or whatever. I have yet to see one, and I’ve been around for 50 years.”

Pretty strong words from LaVar, ones which I’m sure LeBron will hear. Is this the end of the LeBron vs LaVar showdown, or will LeBron speak out again? That’s the question we’re all waiting to have answered as we wait for what happens next.


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