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LeBron James Thinks The Cavs Could Get "Easily" Bounced If The Playoffs Started Today


The Eastern Conference has been dominated by one man for the past 10+ years: LeBron James.

Wherever he goes, that's where the power goes. For over a decade, that has been the story of the East... and, often times, the entire NBA. But when you look at the Cavs this season, it seems as if a decade old tradition is being tested like it never has before.

To put it plainly, the Cavaliers stink. While they're still a top 4 seeded team in the East, they're not nearly good enough to beat the Warriors, Rockets, or Celtics.

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Things are falling apart in the locker room, in the front-office and, especially, on the basketball court. For those that disagree with the miserable state of the Cavs, just know that even LeBron himself openly admitted the magnitude of their current disaster.

Here's how he responded when asked about his team being ready for the postseason:

"Playoffs? We can't even start thinking about that, not the way we're playing right now," James said. "We could easily get bounced early in the playoffs if they started next weekend. Haven't even began thinking about the postseason."

Convinced yet?

The Cavaliers need to do something if they want to salvage their championship hopes for the season. Because if LeBron isn't convinced, then they're got a long way to go.