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LeBron James Takes A Shot At Donald Trump After Riots In Charlottesville


The city of Charlottesville, Virginia is in disarray this weekend after alt right protests turned violent, resulting in numerous acts of violence and, unfortunately, people loosing their lives.

Many sports stars have used their positions to speak out about the acts of violence being committed, as no doubt they are furious with what is going on in the streets of Charlottesville.

One of those sports stars is, of course, LeBron James, who took to Twitter to voice his anger about the situation, directing most of it towards the President of the United States.

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James is definitely not in favor of President Trump, and is definitely not happy with what's occuring down in Virginia.

LeBron isn't the only NBA player to speak out though, as many others are calling for America to unite as one, rather than to be divided and bicker with each other.

Our hopes and prayers go out to the people of Charlottesville, and we hope a peace can be restored as soon as possible.