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LeBron James Speaks The Truth Against Angry Celtics Fans


The newest trend taking the NBA world by storm is the famous "jersey burning" ceremonie.

When LeBron James originally left Cleveland, fans took pride in torching his jerseys. When Paul George declared he wanted out of Indiana, people were proud to light his gear in flames. When Gordon Hayward left the Utah Jazz, nobody batted an eye when his jersey was being burned by fans across Salt Lake City.

And when news broke that Isaiah Thomas would become a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers, those folks in Boston took it upon themselves to keep the tradition alive. After all, the news of Thomas' departure must have been a hard pill to swallow, even with Kyrie Irving coming to replace him.

The only difference? Isaiah did not actually intend to leave, nor did he express any desire to leave. He was literally traded out of the blue in a move that shocked everybody. He had no control, and most likely wants to stay in Boston more than the fans do.

But even that didn't stop people from taking part in the jersey burning custom. Whether it's for fun, out of anger, or just for media attention, the current behavior by Celtic fans doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

Thomas played for his team the very next game after his sister died. He fought, and scratched, and gave his all for his teammates and fans every time he stepped on the court. He was about as loyal as they come. Even LeBron James (Thomas' new teammate), recognizes how wrong the whole situation is:

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No matter how upset you feel about Thomas' departure, is burning his jersey really the right way to respond? In further

The burning of the jersey thing is getting ridiculous now! The man was traded. What do u not understand? & played in a game after .....

— LeBron James (@KingJames) August 24, 2017

" target="_blank" rel="noopener">tweets, LeBron goes on to say: "If these guys weren't good, you guys would be the first to say 'get them up outta here'.

"If these guys weren't good, you guys would be the first to say 'get them up outta here'. Man beat it! When 'we' decide to do what's best for us, it's 'cowardly' 'traitor', etc but when it's on the other side it's business huh!?!? Ooh ok. Man do what you feel is best for your profession, love, family, happiness, and continue to #striveforgreatness."

The NBA jersey burning tradition has been a hot action of recent years. It started with LeBron when he first left the Cavs and has continued to today's game. But when fans start to burn the jerseys of loyal stars who were traded by the team, it may be ruining the point of an innocent movement. LeBron James is trying to spread that message before it catches on even further.