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LeBron James Shares Some Interesting Words About His Possible Successor


For now, and probably the next couple of years, LeBron James is the unquestioned best player in the league. That statement has been fact since at least 2010.

But throughout his journey, there's always been another superstar waiting to take the crown: Kevin Durant. The narrative of him possibly overtaking LeBron someday has been one of the most enticing in the NBA. While the two, no doubt, have much respect for each other, their competitiveness has always been seen as a mini-rivalry.

Well, on the eve of their Christmas day matchup against the defending champs, LeBron set aside some words for the Durantula himself:

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"He's always been the guy that has the opportunity to be next. I don't even want to say 'next'. He's been doing it at a high level for so long. It's not even 'next' or 'now'. He's one of the best players that we have in the world and he's proven that over and over again."

Those are quite the words of praise from one superstar to another. And, despite how people may think of Durant, every word of it is true.

With LeBron's twilight years dwindling, K.D. may be the one to take the mantle. Is this The King's way of passing the baton?