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LeBron James Says He Doesn't Believe He's Played On A Superteam


LeBron James was asked many questions Monday night, after the Cleveland Cavaliers' suffered a 129-120 Finals loss at the hands of the champion Golden State Warriors, many of them providing great quotes heading into the off-season.

One of these quotes stood out however, and it referenced LeBron's past when playing for the Miami Heat, and his present, now playing for the Cavs, as reported by Kurt Helin of NBC.

That's right. LeBron James feels as though he has not played for a superteam in his entire career. Even when teaming with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, and eventually Ray Allen.

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When you compare LeBron's previous teams to this year's Warriors, of course they don't stack up to the might that is Golden State, boasting 2-time and first unanimous MVP Stephen Curry, 2014 MVP and Finals MVP Kevin Durant, maybe the second best shooter ever Klay Thompson, and the heart and soul of the Warriors, Draymond Green. And to be fair, in almost all of James' Finals appearances, he has been considered the underdog by Las Vegas themselves, so maybe his superteam assessment is correct when you compare them to the opposition they faced in the Finals.

But it's also downright false to say LeBron hasn't played on his fair share of great teams.

Ranging from the 2011-2012 Miami Heat, which consisted of himself, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, adding on Ray Allen in 2013, to end up going 2-2 in the Finals the four years LeBron spent in Miami, all the way to now, with a team consisting of All-Stars Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love, who are currently 1-2 in Finals competition.

Moving focus onto next season, LeBron is bound to suggest to Cavs' GM David Griffin to reassess this year's roster after the horrible Finals to the Warriors in five games. And who knows, maybe the Cavaliers will actually form a superteam to rival the juggernaut that is Golden State.