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LeBron James' Savage Tweet About Donald Trump Has Officially Broken Twitter Records


LeBron James may be the greatest all-around basketball player in NBA history, but James is also pretty proficient in other areas of his life as well, including social media.

Remember when LeBron tweeted out to Donald Trump, calling him a "bum" after President Trump uninvited Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors from the White House?

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Obviously, when the best player in the NBA calls out the President of the United States, it's gonna travel far and it's gonna travel fast. That's exactly what the tweet did, racking up an insane amount of likes and retweets in a short amount of time.

Well, all those retweets added up to give LeBron James a record not involving basketball.

That's right, LeBron became the most retweeted athlete in the entire world this year just by calling Donald Trump a bum. Could the world get any crazier than that?

James' tweet amassed over 650,000 retweets in a couple of months, head and shoulders above any other athlete, but then again, no other athlete called out Trump on Twitter, did they?

Here's to hoping LeBron keeps up his Twitter momentum heading into next year.