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LeBron James Roasts Tyronn Lue On The Bench During Loss To Blazers


Sometimes in the NBA, things can get a little hot in the kitchen, especially when a team is on the losing end of a game they should honestly be winning, and went tensions begin to rise and players get frustrated, that's when arguments break out, and we've seen our fair share of bench arguments this week alone in the NBA.

First, it was Isaiah Thomas and Julius Randle of the Los Angeles Lakers going at each other against the Golden State Warriors, with the two teammates spotted getting into a shouting match with each other, ending in the two having to be separated by Lonzo Ball. Thankfully, it all ended peacefully as IT made up with Randle only a few minutes after their initial confrontation.

But now, only a day removed from the Lakers' bench argument, LeBron James and head coach Tyronn Lue have been spotted getting into it with each other on the sidelines against the Portland Trail Blazers.

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The thing is, this argument occurred in the first quarter of their game with the Blazers, so there wasn't much room for things that may have been irking LeBron about the game in front of him, and maybe he was taking his frustrations out on Lue from a previous disagreement before the game. It wouldn't be surprising either considering the drama that has surrounded the Cleveland Cavaliers this entire season.

James also managed to take his frustrations out on someone else during the game, that unlucky soul being Jusuf Nurkic, who got posterized by LeBron in a dunk of the year candidate jam that saw King James elevate over the outstretched arms of Nurkic and hammer it home.