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LeBron James Roasts Cleveland Browns In Spectacular Fashion After 0-16 Season


Being from Akron, Ohio, as well as being drafted by his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers, LeBron James will forever be connected with sports in Cleveland, even if he isn't a huge fan of them. Case in point: the NFL's Cleveland Browns.

The Cleveland Browns have been the NFL's bottom dwellers for the better part of two seasons, and recently became only the second team in NFL history -- other than the Detroit Lions in 2008 -- to go 0-16, not managing to win a single game all year.

In honor of this achievement, Cleveland Browns fans, who have been through a hell of a lot, decided to hold a parade for their squad. The event was used to poke fun at the Browns, as well as raise some funds for local food banks, but Browns players were not pleased.

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Many players came together to voice their frustrations with the fans that they would do something like this citing that fans shouldn't kick the players while they're down.

LeBron James was asked about his thoughts on the 0-16 parade situation, and he went IN on the Browns.

Soak it in guys, it's not often you're going to see LBJ use this type of language.

Given that the Browns have easily been the worst team in the NFL over the past two seasons -- 1-31 over that span -- it's laughable that Browns' players are getting angry with their fans, who have had to endure the product those players put up on display week in and week out.

Even if LeBron leans more towards the Dallas Cowboys as his NFL team of choice, you can never take Cleveland out of the boy, and it shows in his savage response.