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LeBron James Reveals The Order Of His All-Star Picks After All-Star Game Win


One of the most well-kept basketball secrets this year has finally been revealed.

There was a lot of flak thrown towards the NBA and it's player's association when it was announced that the new All-Star game format involving two captains choosing their teams playground-style would not be televised, something that seemed like an obvious opportunity for the NBA to earn even more money.

Apparently, the decision not to televise the drafting portion of the event was decided upon by the Player's Association, with Steph Curry the main culprit according to NBA commissioner Adam Silver.

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The main reason for the draft not being on TV was reported because the players didn't want to be embarrassed in front of the entire nation if they were the player who was chosen last out of the group of All-Stars.

All of that doesn't matter now, however, as after his come-from-behind win over Team Stephen in an All-Star game MVP performance, LeBron James has revealed the order in which he chose his All-Star starters.

Many fans tried to predict the order of the drafting process, and they were almost spot on, save for Kyrie being picked before DeMarcus Cousins.

It was obvious from the get-go that KD was chosen first, as Curry, who had the second pick in the draft, would've scooped him up immediately if LeBron passed on him.

With the new-found success of this new format for the All-Star game, with the added plus of the game itself ending in a tight contest, let's hope the league televises the draft next year onwards.