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LeBron James Responds To Kyrie Irving's Claim That Cleveland Didn't Want Irving On The Team


For some reason, it seems that out of every major sport, the National Basketball Association offers more drama than all other sports combined, and even more than some daytime television dramas.

The freedom players have to change teams during the offseason lends handily to the vast array of storylines that pop up heading into the season after a major free agent move, and no storyline was bigger this past offseason than the one between former teammates Kyrie Irving and LeBron James after Irving requested a trade out of Cleveland and was promptly sent to the Boston Celtics.

Many have suggested that Kyrie's qualms with his former club began long before he requested a trade, and that the failing relationship between LeBron and Kyrie was a major reason why Irving wanted out in the first place.

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These suggestions were recently semi-confirmed by Kyrie himself, as Irving went on record early in December to say that "The Cavs didn't want him there."

LeBron James got wind of Kyrie's word roughly a week later after a win against the Atlanta Hawks, and had a pretty blunt response to his former point guard's claims, via ESPN:

Seven days later in Cleveland, James has just put the finishing touches on a win over Atlanta, the Cavaliers' 15th victory in their past 16 games. He conveys through the Cleveland public relations staff that he has already addressed Irving's departure and will decline to answer questions regarding their relationship. Now, as he stands near his locker at Quicken Loans Arena, he's asked about Irving's contention that the Cavs didn't want him.

"That makes absolutely no sense," James declares.

Asked to elaborate, James smiles politely, slings his bag over his shoulder and exits the arena.

James, who is a man of very few words when he wants to be, made sure not to elaborate on his statement, which in turn further insinuates there was something going on between the pair well before Kyrie was traded to the Celtics.

It seems this storyline could very well continue until the end of James' career, and you can be sure we won't know exactly what went on behind the Cavaliers' doors until perhaps either LeBron or Kyrie release a tell-all biography after they retire.