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LeBron James Predicted The Future Kyrie Problem With A Tweet Three Weeks Ago


The reports that came out regarding Kyrie Irving's trade request hit the NBA world like a brick, especially teammate LeBron James, who was reportedly 'blindsided and devestated.' Judging by LeBron's past tweets however, it's been rumored James knows a lot more than he's letting on.

A tweet posted by LeBron on June 30 has been dug up, and after recent events, it now holds a lot of meaning.

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To be fair, Kyrie's request literally came out of the blue, but when you think about LeBron's role in the Cavs' organization, it's not too far-fetched to assume James knew what Irving wanted to do.

Regardless if King James knew about Kyrie's intentions, a major storyline heading into next season will be if LeBron can convince Uncle Drew to stay with the Cavs, or if he just lets him walk and follows suit a year later.

If you thought the NBA offseason was going to be boring after the Summer League and free agency, think again.