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LeBron James Only Wins The Title In Years Alabama Is The National Champion


Usually, NBA basketball and College football don't coincide. But in the case of LeBron James, it seems there's something very similar between him and the Alabama Crimson Tide college football team.

As pointed out by user PZinger6 on Reddit, years LeBron James has never won a championship if Alabama doesn't win the National Championship that same year.

2011-2012: Alabama wins title | LeBron wins title

2012-2013: Alabama wins title | LeBron wins title

2013-2014: Alabama loses Sugar-Bowl | LeBron loses Finals

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2014-2015: Alabama loses Semifinals | LeBron loses Finals

2015-2016: Alabama wins title | LeBron wins Finals

Pretty crazy stat, but the evidence adds up. It seems that Alabama football and LeBron James basketball seem to hit their peaks at the exact same times.


How did Alabama do this year? Well, they lost the title game. If history repeats itself, it looks like LeBron will lose this year again. With Stephen A Smith picking Golden State to win (he's been wrong for the last 7 consecutive years), and Alabama losing the title game, one crazy streak has to get broken this year.

Which one will it be?