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LeBron James May Have Just Indicated Where He's Playing Next Year With This Tweet


The offseason must be extremely boring for LeBron James, because he's been tweeting more and more, and with every tweet, there are hordes of people willing to take James' words out of context.

LeBron, frustrated with how long the NBA offseason was dragging along, tweeted out asking people where they were playing pickup ball.

Jamal Crawford, the Minnesota Timberwolves newest recruit, suggested LeBron head up to Seattle to play in Jamal's league.

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LeBron, being the diiplomat that he is, said "Yeah, maybe!" while referencing Los Angeles as his 'home'.

And boy, didn't that get the conspiracy theorists all excited.

Of course, let's just forget the fact James owns a $21 million house in Los Angeles, and maybe that's the reason he called LA home.

If you completely omit that fact, LeBron has definitely confirmed he's heading to the Lakers after next season, and nothing can tell you otherwise.