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LeBron James Makes An Interesting Comparison To His Reunion With Wade


10 years ago, nobody would have believed you if you said LeBron James and Dwyane Wade would end up winning two Championships together while forming one of the best duos in NBA History.

But, here we are today, with James and Wade proving to be one of the league's greatest pairings. In Miami, the two formed an elite pair that proved to give the rest of the league a run for its money. They grew to become best friends, and their friendship extended past the basketball floor.

Once LBJ left Miami, however, things got a little different. The duo could no longer dominate like they used to and went their separate ways. They remained close, but nobody was sure if they'd ever witness the two play together again.

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So when D-Wade joined the Cavs yesterday, it was no doubt a breath of excitement for James. In fact, he had a pretty awesome comparison to his reunion with Wade:

Like finding your best friend in the middle of a class with a bunch of strangers. I mean, is there a closer pair of bro's in the league right now?

I don't think so.