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LeBron James Lets Loose In Instagram Video


Lately, it seems everyone has been throwing shots at LeBron James.

Kyrie Irving basically blamed him for wanting out. Stephen Curry mocked him in a video that went viral. Kevin Durant disagreed that LeBron was better than him. Even the GOAT, Michael Jordan, claimed that Kobe Bryant was better all time.

These days, everyone is LeBron's enemy. And for the Cleveland legend, he's taken notice to all the hate. In his latest video, he's seen laying down while letting some of his emotion shine:

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LeBron's had a rough summer. And judging by this video, he isn't taking it very lightly. With the entire league against him, LBJ seems to be losing his mind.

The King feels cornered, threatened, and angry. So sure, he may be losing his mind a little bit. But it's not him that should be worried about it, it's anybody who dares to stand in his way.