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LeBron James Leads The Cavs To Amazing Comeback Win In Madison Square Garden


Kristaps Porzingis has been absolutely brilliant this season. Leading the New York Knicks to a respectable record in the East, he's become one of the league's most exciting young players.

Tonight against the Cavs, he was putting on a show again, suggesting he was ready to take the mantle of stardom.

But, as he has a tendancy of doing, LeBron James proved that he's still King.

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Down by 23 points, LeBron lead the Cavaliers to an insane comeback win, where LBJ sealed the deal with a clutch three-pointer. James tallied 23, 12, and 9 for the game, just one rebound shy of a triple-double.

The Knicks fell to 7-6 with the loss, while Cleveland earned their straight win, enough to earn them a .500 record for 7th in the East.

No doubt, the Cavs still have a lot of work to do if they want to return to Championship form. Things won't come easy as the season presses on.

With LeBron James on their side, however, the process should be ever so easier.