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LeBron James Just Made History Tonight


In case you were doubting just how good LeBron James is, here's the historic landmark he reached tonight: In the Cavs 129-123 win over Brooklyn, LBJ tallied 31 points, 12 rebounds, 11 assists... becoming the only player in NBA History to reach 30,000 points, 8 thousand rebounds, and 8 thousand assists for his career.

No doubt, this latest feat proves that his greatness can no longer be denied. Simply put, he's good at the game of basketball.

Still, though, many wonder if LeBron can ever be called the G.O.A.T., even after all the accomplishments and accolades. He joined superstars to win, wasn't always known as a great shooter, and plays in a league much different than the rough and rugged Jordan days.

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For him to ever catch up to that legacy, he'll have to prove his days of winning rings and gaining glory is not over. He'll have to get past the Warriors. But, for now, this new record helps make for a pretty fantastic start.