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LeBron James' Intense Reaction After Being Asked About The Golden State Rumors


How crazy would it be if LeBron James joined the Golden State Warriors?

Granted, the Dubs would likely have to give up Klay and Draymond to make it work, but the thought of Steph, KD, and LeBron playing together is one that seems hard to imagine. Surely, they'd be the undisputed greatest team ever assembled. Even with all that being true (maybe even because of it), it would tarnish King James' legacy in a way nothing else could.

How could a guy who joined such a star-studded team (a team he's faced in three straight Finals) possibly be considered the greatest of All-Time? Simply put, joining the Warrior smight be fun for a time... but it'd have drastically negative effects for just about everyone involed.

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This scenario, believe it or not, is exactly the type of thing that's bene gong around lately. According to numerous reports, LeBron James would consider signing with the Warriors this summer if they created enough cap-space.

When asked about the report, LeBron did his best to shoot it down:

As LeBron makes it out to be, the notion of him ever joining Golden State is nothing more than fantasy. We won't complain about it, either...