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LeBron James' Halloween Costume Is Straight Up Nightmare Fuel


So, the 2017-18 campaign hasn't gotten off to a great start for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Losers of four in their last five games, the Cavs have certainly not played like the reigning Eastern Conference Champions.

With so many questions looming, a now would be the perfect place to take a break from all the drama. And LeBron James did just that.

Like in years past, LeBron used this time of year to throw an awesome Halloween party. While there are no jabs at the Warriors this time, the costumes they wore instead look like something straight out of nightmares. And the King Himself may have the scariest one of them all.

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For anyone that doesn't know, LeBron is dressed as Pennywise, the scary clown from the hit horror movie "It."

For those that've seen seen it, this reference is scary enough.

Either way, LeBron is surely enjoying the halloween festivities.