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LeBron James Doesn't Care About Seeding


It's weird to think of any LeBron lead team not having home-court advantage in the first round of the playoffs. Currently, however, that scenario isn't too far off, with the Cavs only holding a 1 and-a-half-game lead over the 5th place Indiana Pacers.

If you ask LeBron James though, he isn't really focused on that. For him, all that matters is getting into the postseason, and what comes after. Whether it's the eight seed or one seed, he'll be ready to ball either way.

"It doesn't matter to me if I'm a 6th seed, 3 seed, 2 seed, 8 seed...If I come into your building for a Game 1, it will be very challenging"

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In the past, we've always seen LeBron and his squad "flip the switch" come playoff time, in their usually successful effort to prove that they're the team to beat. This year, things appear to be a little different. The Cavs seem to be lacking something while the other Eastern Conference elite gain strength by the day.

Clearly, it will be challenging for the Cavs to prove they still rule the East this year. Yet LeBron is probably right in saying he'd be a challenge to any team unlucky enough to cross his path in April or May. And while it sounds wrong to hear that LBJ isn't worried about where or how he enters the postseason, he really has enough under his resume to not even have to stress about it.