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LeBron James Answers The Age-Old Question: Is 2003 The Best Draft Class Of All-Time?


The NBA draft is where all the magic happens. Top prospects from all around the country gather around to finally be selected to their new teams. Most of the time, the draft only has a few really special players, while the rest either turn into decent role-players or just never make it in the league at all.

Throughout history, however, there has been a few draft classes that have stood out over the rest. But which draft is the best of All-Time?

If you ask LeBron James, it isn't 2003 one.

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In a sit down with, LeBron answered the very controversial question as directly as he could:

We are not the best; we are right up there. You know you obviously got the ’96 draft; you got the ’84 draft that’s right up there. So for us to even be mentioned as one of the greatest drafts that the NBA has ever seen is an honor.

So no, LeBron admits that his draft year, 2003, is not the best ever. Just to get a perspective on it, the 2003 draft included Chris Bosh Carmelo Anthony and Dwyane Wade while the 1996 draft class included Allen Iverson, Ray Allen, Kobe Bryant, and Steve Nash, with the 1986 draft including names like Hakeem Olajuwon, Michael Jordan, John Stockton and Charles Barkley.

Admittedly, LeBron is probably right on this one. And good for him to give respect to former legends. But what do you think? Which is the best draft of All-Time?