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LeBron James Admits That His Mother And Wife Weren't Happy About His Return To Cleveland


LeBron James' career has been highlighted by acrobatic drives to the rim, a look of determination in his eyes and crazy video game-esque passes to open teammates. But when you think about LeBron's career, it would be hard not to think about "the decision" in 2010 and his return to Cleveland four years later.


When he announced he was going to Miami, the entire city of Cleveland boiled in a rage. Jerseys were burned and hatred brewed up towards the once beloved star. One of those fueled with anger and betrayal, was Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert.

Gilbert made a letter after LeBron joined Miami, that featured some words he could never take back. He called the announcement "self-promoting," called the decision "cowardly" and made a promise to"personally guarantee that the Cleveland Cavaliers will win an NBA Championship before the self-titled former 'King' wins one."

Despite harsh words and bitter feelings, James returned to the Cavaliers four years later and has since brought the organization their first ever Championship. No matter how storybook it seems, not everyone was happy about his return.

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According to a quote by LeBron in an episode of "Uninterrupted," some of the biggest opposition he faced during his decision to return to Cleveland was by his own family. According to James, some folks in his family were angry at the way Dan Gilbert and the Cavs treated LeBron when he left in 2010.

"Some people was on the fence. Even my wife was like, I ain't, my mom and my wife was like I aim'y with that. ... I had to finally be like, you know mom it ain't really even about [the Gilbert letter]. For me, going back is more than this. It's more of a bigger picture. It's more of all these kids, all these people, that need inspiration and a way to get out. And I believe I am that way out."

LeBron wasn't thinking about the drama of the owner or the potential bitterness of the city. It was about the bigger picture, it was about brining inspiration to a new generation. Even though it may have seemed like an easy decision, LeBron faced many challenges going back home. And many of them came from his closest family. No doubt things are better now, and the "King's" family is still by his side. But the idea of coming back home to such a bitter situation was obviously one that had plenty of it's own challenges.