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LeBron James Admits That He'd Love To Play Against His Son At The NBA Level


It's not uncommon for NBA genes to be passed down the line of succession. All throughout league history, father have enjoyed their sons play at the pro-level, much like they did themselves.

But never before have a father and son been playing in the league together at the same time. And, as crazy as it sounds, LeBron James could be the first to do it.

At 32 years old, King James still has plenty of basketball minutes left in his body. Moreover, the way he takes care of his body and trains for a life of basketball helps to make his basketball longevity a sure-thing. It's quite possible that he could play for another 8 years, which would mean he'd be old enough to play against his 13-year-old son, LeBron James Jr., who'd be 21 by that time.

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For those doubting the reality of the situation, take a look at some comments by James himself, which hint at a father and son match up in the future:

"I know I won't be able to play at this level forever, but to be washed [up] and play ... I don't know if I can play washed," James said to ABC News. "but I damn sure would love to stick around if my oldest son can have an opportunity to play against me. That'd be, that'd be the icing on the cake right there... I'll foul the s--- out of him! I'd give him all six fouls. I'd foul the s--- out of Bronny, man."

No doubt, that scene would be an amazing and historic moment for the NBA. Obviously, there's no promise that something like that will go down. If anybody can do it, however, it's The King. And he definitely seems open to the idea.