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LeBron, CP3, Take A Stand Against President Trump While Defending Steph Curry


It's not uncommon for politics and sports to clash nowadays.

Often, athletes use their platform to spread a message. The same is true for politicians as well.

With Donald Trump's Presidency, many people are not happy about the way he's done things. Recently, Steph Curry turned down President Trump's invitation to visit the White House, which was followed by a tweet by Trump stating that Curry was "uninvited."

For one, the Warriors as a team have stood by their star and have vowed to make their D.C. visit this year in February centered around "equality, diversity, and inclusion."

Some others spoke out as well, which included names like LeBron James and Chris Paul, some of basketball's biggest ambassadors.

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LeBron was one of the first to come to Curry's defense, going so far as to call Trump a "bum."

Chris Paul joined in on the action by challenging the President's priorities.

This anti-Trump movement is spreading like wildfire in the sports universe. Jemele Hill, an ESPN reporter, was recently scrutinized for calling Trump a "white-supremacist" on Twitter. In the NFL, President Trump called

In the NFL, President Trump called Collin Kaepernick a "son of a b----" while claiming that the athletes who kneel during the anthem should be "fired."

The point is, the angst between sports and government has never been quite so high. The resistance is strong, and the NBA is right in the middle of it all.

Whether or not you think politics has a place in sports, you can't condemn NBA stars for using their fame as a platform for spreading their ideas and beliefs. So far, it hasn't played a huge role in changing the current state of affairs.

But if this trend continues upward, tensions between the White House and NBA athletes could reach a very dangerous state.