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LaVar on Magic Johnson: "...He Can't Tell Me What To Do"


When the Los Angeles Lakers drafted Lonzo Ball this summer, it came with much anticipation and excitement.

But it also came with a lot of questions, some of which revolved around Lonzo's father, LaVar. How would he act on the NBA level? How much father would his antics go? Could he be controlled?

So far, LaVar seems to be keeping his acts to a minimum. But before Saturday's pre-season game, the outspoken father did not hold back words when asked about whether or not he'd be a distraction for the Lakers.

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Per Bill Oram of the SoCal News Group:

"Magic is not going to have no problems with what I do because he can't tell me what to do. You worry about Lonzo."

Of course, LaVar isn't wrong when he says Magic can't tell him what to do. The NBA can only do so much when it comes to LaVar. To suggest, however, that his frequent antics off the court won't be a cause for concern is a bit of a stretch.

Either way, it seems that LaVar is not going to change his act for anybody. His comments, his fame, his behavior, nobody should expect any of that to change.

Perhaps, though, he should reconsider challenging the President (and legend) of his son's NBA basketball team. Because something just seems wrong about alienating Magic Johnson before your son has played a single NBA game.