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LaVar Ball Says This Legendary Superstar Is Coming To L.A.


If you keep up with NBA basketball even a little bit, you'll know about LaVar Ball. Throughout the summer, he's made headlines for his words and actions involving his sons and the game of basketball in general.

The most recent of those comments came less than a week ago, and it's a pretty bold statement - even for him.

Bleacher Report featured a chat involving ClutchPoints' Ryan Ward, where LaVar really let loose on his thoughts about the Lakers' future:

"Let me tell you this, it would be a great fit, and LeBron is coming to L.A. What's in Cleveland? You want to be a superstar, man. Superstar franchise... It's going to be like this, and I'm talking about reality. He's going to say, 'You know what? I went to Miami. Won a championship. Brought one back to my hometown. I'm the only one to go to three different places and bring a championship... You do not give Lonzo Ball the best player in the game and don’t think they going to win! He is going to fall in love with Lonzo so much on the way that he play. They both understand the game. Best player in the game and you don’t think he coming? Stop it!"

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Before you blow this whole thing off, remember that LaVar is no stranger to speaking things into existence. After all, he was the first to say Lonzo would end up a Laker.

And when you look at the situation in Cleveland compared to the Lakers, the chances of LeBron James wearing the Purple and Gold really aren't all that bad. Multiple reports from around the association have hinted at a second departure, and Magic Johnson has publicly shared positive thoughts on the superstar legend.

If LeBron does indeed elect to leave again, it is hard to imagine Los Angeles not being a top destination for him. With LeBron and Lonzo running the show, the Lakers could pose a legitimate threat out West.

With all the being said, it's still way too early to tell if this scenario will put James in the best situation. There's going to be plenty of other teams pursuing James come 2018, and a lot of them could be better options than the Lakers. With a lot of questions still in the air, it's on Lonzo's shoulders to prove he is the guy LeBron wants to play with.

And if he does, than LaVar can add another "W" to his win column.