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LaVar Ball Has A Message For LeBron James


Just a couple of days after making the headlines once again because of his big mouth, when Michael Jordan told the world that he could actually beat him even if he was 1 legged, LaVar Ball made some more bold statements regarding the 3 time NBA Champion, LeBron James.

Apparently, this guy just can’t keep his mouth shut, so he’s decided to add a little of fire to the already heated rumors of LeBron James' possible departure from the Cleveland Cavaliers the upcoming offseason when he’s set to become an unrestricted free agent once again.

And, with the Lakers reportedly more than keen to make a huge bid to acquire the best Small Forward in the history of the game, LaVar took the liberty of saying to ESPN Cleveland that James should definitely join the Los Angeles Lakers (where his son Lonzo Ball is going to make his professional debut) if he wants to win another ring.

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"If LeBron wants to win more championships, he's got to come to L.A. and play with my boy,"

The Lakers are more than ready to get past this couple of mediocre seasons and won’t hesitate to pull the trigger with every move that needs to be done to get back to contention, and considering that they’re most likely to sign All-Star forward Paul George next summer, this statement would actually make some sense.

Of course, LeBron James coming to Los Angeles would have absolutely nothing to do with LaVar statements, and perhaps it would even hurt Lonzo Ball’s stock, considering how much time James enjoys to have the rock in his hands, but you’ll just have to give this one to LaVar: He’s got a solid point this time.