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Last Year Danny Ainge Almost Traded Isaiah Thomas, Is He Safe Right Now?

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Nobody seems to have been safe in Boston last year, not even All-Star point guard Isaiah Thomas! It’s reported that the Boston Celtics GM - Danny Ainge wanted to acquire the second pick in last year’s Draft and not just the Top 3 pick they had. Supposedly Ainge included everyone in the trade talks, even Isaiah Thomas!

“Before the draft last year, Danny was trying to get two picks, not just Jaylen Brown,” ESPN’s Jackie MacMullan told Bob Ryan on his podcast (h/t Comcast Sportsnet). “He was on the phone with everybody from coast to coast, and he was offering everybody. That includes Marcus Smart and Isaiah Thomas, and anything else they needed to get where he wanted to go. There were no untouchables on that team last year.”

We could have seen Thomas playing for a different team this season but no deal actually went ahead in the end and the Celtics ended up sticking with just one lottery pick in last year's Draft.

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This year will be the same and more lottery picks will be wanted by the Celtics so we could see some of Boston’s top players being traded in order to gain more Draft picks.

The Celtics currently have one of the top Backcourts in the League with Isaiah Thomas and Avery Bradley being the starters and both Marcus Smart and Terry Rozier coming off the bench. Both Avery Bradley and Isaiah Thomas will be out of contract in 2018 and will be able to re-sign for the max contract ($32.4 million per year). Marcus Smart also qualifies for an extension in the Summer.

Boston does not have enough money to pay all the players what they will want unless the Celtics choose not to acquire another Star player for the team. This likely isn’t going to happen so the question is who could be leaving Boston in a trade deal sooner than we think?

Is Isaiah Thomas as safe as we think he is in Boston?